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This was a very special year our very own derrick "Dekka" Banton was celebrating 25 years sailing and competing at Stoke Navy day

We carried on as usual, setting up and preparing for the sailing competition, all the usual "crew" were present, all eagerly awaiting for their turn to navigate the treacherous waters.

HMS Active is cheered as it leaves port by a wife who has been left behind

After the sailing when the awards were given out, We presented Dekka with a trophy for 25 years at the Potteries Stoke navy day and a fruit cake with 25 years on and a model of HMS Hood, which "made him well up", we then did the normal vulture attack and only sent him home with a small wedge of cake left!!!



Haydock Park time again, where’s this year gone?

We got to Haydock Park race course bright and early to get in the front of the queue for the gates to be sure of a good parking space to unload all the equipment and boats, we only have one hour to set up the all the tables, lights and arrange all the boats, and that hour soon disappears. Mark was judging most of the weekend and when not judging was displaying the working features of the G3 and I did some time working on the door as did Pat Knowles. Pat stepped into the space Jean Preece was going to do but due to ill health Jean and Reg could not make it, thankfully they are well now.

Helping out at this show was Mark and Moira Hawkins, Mick and Pat Knowles, Peter and Sunita Goodman, Joe Lilley and John Clarke. I would like to say thank you to all their help in manning the stand and we were complemented on the good display. We had a good weekend as usual, with Mick Knowles winning best kit with his AMERIGO VESPUCCI.



The club had received an invite from Kirklees Model Boat Club to join them at their combined Warship and Open Gala day, the latter having been postponed from earlier in the year due to poor weather. So it was discussed at the monthly meeting and we decided to go this year as we have not been before, and a very enjoyable day it was too.

We set up the gazebo in the morning the weather was very good and the lake and surrounds very pleasing.

There were lots and lots of models of all shapes and sizes sailing most of the day, and there were prizes awarded for the best Warships, Tugs and springer of the day, In the Warships, Reg came second with his HMS Active and Mark came third with his HMS Dreadnought.

There was also a raffle with 70 prizes!!!! we all came away with good prizes. Hopefully the weekend will be free next year as we would certainly like to go again.