Burton & District Model Boat Club

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Rules of Burton & District Model Boat Club

The words 'shall' and 'mustí are mandatory and the word 'may' is permissive.

1.      The club shall endeavor to promote all aspects of model boating.

2.      Anyone who wishes to sail must have Burton & District Model Boat Club insurance. No other form of insurance will be accepted for club membership.

3.      All club insurance rules shall apply to members of the Burton and District Model Boat Club

4.      Members shall conduct themselves in a personable manner at all events directly or indirectly connected with the club and in particular at the club water.

5.      Swearing and other forms of foul, obscene, or profane language are not allowed at any event directly or indirectly with the club.

6.      The committee shall have the right to refuse membership. Any member committing acts injurious to the name of the club shall be liable to expulsion
         at  the discretion of the committee.

7.      A member who fails to pay the fee or subscription within a period determined by the Committee shall be deemed to have resigned. This period is currently eight weeks.

8.      The committee's decision in all matters relating to the Burton and District Model Boat Club is final.

9.      Rule changes shall be notified to all club members in the newsletter prior to the AGM and shall be voted on accordingly by the members at the AGM, (Exclusions being rules imposed by E.S.B.C. or for health and safety reasons).


10. Members are allowed (under the terms of our lease with the E.S.B.C.) to sail in the RED area (See map) of the North Bay in front of the car park facing the canal and the area to the end of Crocodile Point to the canal bank (West side of Promontory) as often as they please and at any time, (see also rule 21). The GREEN area (See map) on the other side of Crocodile point and in front of the Information Centre may also be used at any time that it does not interfere with any other water users who have first use of that area.

11. Special events may be held in the BLUE area (See map) behind the island from Crocodile Point to the fourth island and along the canal bank side of the water park, subject to application and prior permission being given by the E.S.B.C. and notification to other water users.

12. Members are not permitted to sail on any other part of Branston Water.

13.To avoid interference to and from other legitimate water users, certain frequencies have been allocated for the use of those using 'Bait Boats'.  Frequencies 40MHz     - 965, 975, 985, 995. & 27MHz - Brown/Red (27.020 -27.025) and Red/Orange (27.070 - 27.075) should not be used at Branston Water Park. Frequency pennants must always be displayed on the aerial of any transmitter in use. 

14. Aerial protectors must be fitted to all extendable aerials to prevent eye injuries.

15. I.C. and fast electric powered craft shall only be sailed in the RED and BLUE areas. They must never be used in the GREEN area under any circumstances. 

16. Members must carry their current membership card (or a valid receipt issued by the Treasurer until their membership card arrives) at all times when sailing and must produce it when requested by an E.S.B.C. Official. 

17. Courtesy shall be given to all other water users, E.S.B.C. Officials and members of the public at all times. 

18. Any acts injurious or potentially injurious to the wildlife, fish, flora, fauna or members of the public will not be permitted. Any practice deemed injurious by E.S.B.C. Officials or members of the club committee will cease immediately, (see rules 4 to 8). 

19. Members who disregard rule 17 will forfeit their membership, (see rules 6, 7, 8).

20. Members are requested to note any illegal use of Branston water Park and report it to the E.S.B.C. Officials or Club Committee members, giving name, and address, and vehicle Registration number where possible. 

21. Our agreement with Burton Mutual Angling Association and the E.S.B.C. is that anglers have prior title to the North Bay for Pike fishing from October 1st until March 14th (See Map). 

22. Tuesday evenings, April to October, shall be the main club sailing evenings. Members may use the defined areas of Branston water at any other times subject to rules 17 -21 above. 

23. Wherever possible, assistance shall be given to the E.S.B.C. if requested, with projects directly related to the club for the improvements of facilities at Branston water Park. 

24. Members are allowed to bring guests along to the water for sailing, guests are allowed to use the water for sailing a maximum of three times, after which the guest must join the club or cease sailing. A one days membership fee of £1.00 will be charged for temporary membership every time the guest sails. This will also include events run on the water with/for other associations. Fees should be paid to a member of the committee before or at the time of sailing.


N.B Our legal agreement with the E.S.B.C. is that to sail at Branston water park you

MUST be a member of the BDMBC.